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The ERP & CRM process can manage financial reports, recruitment payroll, sales to customer service management, Inventory management projects. ERP system used to collect, store, manage, & interpret data from many business activities, including product planning, purchase & service delivery.
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ERP and CRM Development Services We Offer

We provide end-to-end customized development services to improve customer relationship management processes. We offer 100% solution satisfaction to clients that want to enhance business productivity

Project Management

Building a special ERP software and web apps to manage projects from planning, scheduling and monitoring the tasks. To empower a project manager whose role is to handle the changes.

Support and Maintenance

Provide technical support and maintenance services to keep the software and web apps up to date with the latest technology and upgraded version.

Finance Management

Manage growth, costs, agility, scalability and flexibility are what needed in finance management. Our team can build a finance management CRM to manage all your financial information.

Human Resources

Our HR suits of functions including recruiting, sourcing, goals, performance review, planning succession, talent profile & competency records & reports. HR system improve team productivity by 30%

Manufacture Functionalities

Our solutions include foster sales, vendors’ information and automate product tracking. We deliver manufacturing based functionalities that streamline and automate core business & manufacture processes

Supply Chain Management

We offer customized supply chain management software to manage valuable information in a proper way. Supply chain management is the handling of the entire production flow of a good or service

What Makes Rota Web Solutions Different than Others?

Proper preparation, along with a step-by-step development process and maintenance services, are the most important aspects of implementing CRM. We are experts at delivering CRM consulting services. With us, you get ethical, robust, contemporary CRM growth. Consult our executives if you have any questions or an idea that will help you with consulting and planning custom crm software integration for your company.

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CRM Implementation & ERP Development System

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Our team has significant experience in ERP development and the creation of fully integrated modules for managing your workforce and workflows, financial flows, and manufacturing processes.

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Most Frequently Asked Questions

CRM solutions help streamline processes and increase profitability in a company's sales, marketing, and service departments. ERP integrates business processes across finance, HR, distribution, manufacturing, and other business departments.

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