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Since 2019, ROTA Web Solutions has been providing full-range mobile app testing services focusing on the validation of the app’s smooth functioning. Mobile devices are inarguably the most disruptive technology invention in recent era. Mobile application testing comprises functional, compatibility, usability, performance, security testing types performed with regard to mobile specifics and standards.
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Mobile App Testing Services Include

We provide differt type services

Usability Testing

Our mobile testing team also performs usability testing to ensure that the product is handy and easy-to-use for your target audience. Our mobile testing team will guarantee that your app has a user-friendly UI, providing for positive user experience, encompassing key functions of the app and engaging UX.

Mobile Functionality Testing

Our mobile testing team will ensure that your app, including backend functionality, works as clockwork and meets the users’ needs to the fullest. However attractive and engaging an app, users will abandon it if the app crashes often or doesn’t’ work as expected.

Mobile Performance Testing

Our mobile testing team will uncover stress, load, scalability or reliability bugs. For large applications catering for many users (banking apps, mobile e-stores, multiplayer games, messaging games, etc.), our mobile testing team also runs backend performance testing.

Mobile Compatibility Testing

Our specialists will make sure your mobile app provides an impeccable UX in all the cases above. To reduce the number of unhappy users, mobile apps should work seamlessly on target devices and in the respective operation systems and mobile browsers.

Mobile Security Testing

For large applications, our mobile testing team will also ensure the security of server side. Mobile apps are vulnerable to hacking attacks, which leads to losses for users and enterprises. Our team will perform penetration testing to simulate a hacking attack.

Testing Automation

We also offer automation for backend testing. Our mobile testing team will assure high quality and efficiency of your mobile app, and ensure its timely release. We apply keyword-driven and data-driven approach to test automation for functional, regression and performance testing.

What Makes ROTA Web Solutions Stand Out of Crowd?

ROTA Web Solutions provides end-to-end mobile testing services, including functional, security, performance, compatibility, usability and test automation across different devices, models, networks, operating systems, browsers, and locations.

+25 Projects Completed

We have done extensive work to understand the nitty-gritty of the business.

+3 Years Vast Experience

Vast experience of working with extensive business modules

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Happy & Satisfied customers from different industry sectors

Advanced analytics and automated dashboards

High-tech lab with scalable and secure mobile app testing devices

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  • What Makes ROTA Web Solutions Stand Out of Crowd?
  • Mobile App Testing Process

    It is clear that the mobile application is very different from the desktop one. So, we should take this into account when planning the testing process. With a plethora of types of testing types and methods, testing a mobile application for release can be overwhelming. To get you through it, we’ve outlined the essential mobile application process below.

    Targeting devices and implements the process

    Drafting test cases and test suites

    Final testing

    Analyzing test results

    Most Frequently Asked Questions

    Mobile app testing guarantees that an app released through a marketplace is of superb quality.

    Its depend on how large in project and its modules.

    • 1. Usability Testing
    • 2. Mobile Functionality Testing
    • 3. Mobile Performance Testing
    • 4. Mobile Compatibility Testing
    • 5. Mobile Security Testing
    • 6. Testing Automation