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Rota Web Solution stands among the top rated PPC Management Companies to offer businesses the best PPC Management Services with our experienced & knowledgeable PPC Management Experts. We are dedicated to providing you affordable PPC services, Contact us today!
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PPC Google Ads Management Services Include

A wide spectrum of services offered to oversee and effectively manage your company’s PPC ad spend to ensure relevant searches are gained through keyword research and strategy implementation.

Google Ads (Search & Display Network)

Paid Advertisement Through Biddings of Products, Services, Videos and Many More

Google Shopping

Paid Advertisement of Products by Displaying Products on Top Results

Bing Advertising

Paid Advertisements of Products on Search Engines like Bing and Yahoo

YouTube Advertising

Optimization of Company's Videos on YouTube Channel

Facebook Ads

Paid Promotions of Company’s Website Via Displaying Ads on Facebook

Instagram Ads

Paid Promotions of Company’s Website by Displaying Ads on Instagram

Linkedin Ads

Paid Promotions of Company’s Website by Displaying Ads on LinkedIn


Displaying Your Ads When Any Prospective Buyer Leaves Your Site for Constant Reminders

Search Ads

Displaying Organization’s Reference when Any Prospective Buyer Searched for Products Relevant to Your Business

Gmail Sponsored Promotions

Paid Promotions Displayed on Prospective Buyer’s Gmail Accounts

Amazon PPC Ads

Paid Promotions on Amazon When A Prospective Buyer Searches for Product Relevant to Your Website

What Makes Rota Web Solutions Stand Out of Crowd?

Advanced technology, talented minds, creative services, constant efforts & dedicated support make Rota Web Solutions an ideal option for your paid promotions.

25+ Projects Completed

Completed 25+ Projects in Extensive Industries

3+ Years Vast Experience

Experience in Working with Leaders in Industry

+30 Our Happy Customer

Happy & Satisified Customers with Our Delivered Projects

Team of Certified Professionals with min 5 Years of experience

Completed Challenging Projects While Helping Improve Businesses

24/7 Customer Support & Maintenance

Extensive Experience in Delivering Maximum Output with Minimum Possible Budget

Minimum Investment, Maximized Results

With years of experience we have understood the means of gaining maximum output with minimum budget. Our PPC experts are dedicated to help you gain more prospective buyers by displaying your products when searched for similar products.

Consult with Client & Understand Requirements

Research & Strategy Development

Building Campaign Setup

Launch Campaign

Execute the Proven Strategies

Monitoring & Optimization of Campaign

Most Frequently Asked Questions

Pay-per-click (PPC) is an online advertising model in which a sponsor pays a distributor each time a promotion connect is "clicked" on. Then again, PPC is known as the pay per-click (CPC) model. The compensation per-click model is offered fundamentally via web indexes (e.g., Google) and informal organizations (e.g., Facebook).

The budget is more dependent on your business model. Also it is better to invest a good amount to gain more profit.